Denison Attires Ltd. all processes and procedures are permanently monitored to guarantee quality of garments. The quality control starts with the purchase of yarn. Before bulk production starts, the yarn first tests in our laboratory and then on sample fabric production.
We try to monitor all knitting with our expert knitting quality, so that we can control the loop length, defaults and avoid yarn lot mixing. All Geiger rolls are being inspected before storing them in our warehouse.
During the dyeing process, all dyed batches of fabrics are tested for color variation, GSM, Color fastness, Light fastness, Perspiration and Rubbing fastness in our own lab.
Daniel Knitwear, sister concern of Denison Attires Ltd. controls the shrinkage during the whole process from procurement of yarn to finishing of the garments. After finishing all dye lots, shrinkage of fabrics is tested by a Wascator ( ISO and AATCC approved ).
During the garment production, quality is being checked from the cutting of fabrics to the packing of garments. Quality is being checked from the cutting of fabrics to the packing of garments. Quality inspectors are checking the cutting patterns and the bundles of cut pieces. All sewing production is constantly being monitored in line, and we have a 100% checking system at the end of each line. In the packing department we have inspector to the random checking of quality.

Furthermore to the regular quality control execution in every section, we have a separate audit team, who is checking permanently whether all the procedures are being followed accurately or not.

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